Sechelt Minor Softball

girls and boys ages 5-19

November 11th, 2014
November 11th, 2014

2014 League Awards

Congratulations to 2014 League Award winners:
Most Improved Players: Gravity (Claytons), Paige Franken (Star Tek), Jenna Mae Helmstalk (Welch's Roofing)
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Sarah Davison (Claytons), Maddy Robinson (Star Tek), Ella Kennedy (Welch's Roofing)
Most Inspirational Player:  Ally (Claytons), Jake McLean (Star Tek), Zoe younghusband (Welch's Roofing)
Unsung Hero: Sam (Claytons), Katzie VanderWoerd (Star Tek), Bryan Rhono (Welch's Roofing)

Most Improved Players: Alexis Muir (BC First Aid), Sebastien (Flemming & Sombrowski), Wyatt Baldwin (GBS)
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Destiny Wallbuum (BC First Aid), Alex Palmer (Flemming & Sombrowski), Jamie Mundy (GBS)
Most Inspirational Player:  Tristan Tidder (BC First Aid), Evan Robinson (Flemming & Sombrowski), Jacob Chabot (GBS)
Unsung Hero: Avery Kooyman (BC First Aid), Megan Robinson (Flemming & Sombrowski), Marissa McLean (GBS)

Most Improved Players: Kylee Hunsch (BA), Taylor Stephens (Inlet Raiders), Emmalyn (Source for Sports), Ava Mundy (Dryland Marine)
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Taylor Munson (BA), Riley Bergnach (Inlet Raiders), Leo Pinnnsonault (Source for Sports), Zach Phillips (Dryland Marine)
Most Inspirational Player:  Brennan Myers (BA), Tyler Graham/Therin Helmstalk (Inlet Raiders), Darryl Julius (Source for Sports), Jordy Fawcett (Dryland Marine)
Unsung Hero: Slade Watts (BA), Ashley Angus (Inlet Raiders), Ethan Hutton (Source for Sports), Rick Wagner (Dryland Marine)

Most Improved Player: Gravity (Squirt), Megan West (PeeWee), Emmalyn (Bantam)
Most Inspirational Player: Tiffany (Squirt), Jordan Robinson (PeeWee), Zach Phillips (Bantam)
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Sarah Davison (Squirt), Tyler Stichcombe (PeeWee), Mike Bunbury (Bantam)
Unsung Hero: Bryan Rhono (Squirt), Angelo Pinnsonault (PeeWee), Rick Wagner (Bantam)

Squirt: 1st Claytons, 2nd Welch's, 3rd BA Star Tek
PeeWee: 1st BC First Aid, 2nd GBS, 3rd BA Flemming & Sombrowski
Bantam: 1st Raiders, 2nd Source, 3rd BA Blacktop

Squirt: 1st Claytons, 2nd Welch's, 3rd BA Star Tek
PeeWee: 1st BC First Aid, 2nd Flemming & Sombrowski, 3rd GBS
Bantam: 1st BA Blacktop, 2nd Inlet Raiders, 3rd BA Dryland Marine

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