Sechelt Minor Softball

girls and boys ages 5-19

June 17th, 2008
June 17th, 2008

Year-end Tournament 2008

There was a lot of hard hitting and team play coaching strategies, this past fathers day weekend, at the Sechelt Minor Softball year-end fast-pitch tournament for youth. The Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam Divisions started with round robin playoffs beginning on Thursday night to determine which teams would be advancing to the seeded finals, and then on to the championship games on Sunday.
President Sid Quinn of Sechelt Minor Softball says, “you never know what is going to happen when your team enters tournament play because it is like starting a new season of ball, and every team starts off on an equal basis again.” Players must play at their best every game if they want to advance, and this makes for exciting games for the spectators (friends and family) to enjoy. There are always upsets in tournament play, with the weaker teams in the league standings showing great sportsmanship and pulling it all together. This results in those teams advancing further in the standings at this year-end tournament. The tournament play gives our players an opportunity to demonstrate how much their skill level has improved and what they have accomplished as a team.
In the 10 - 12 year old mixed girls and boys Squirt Division had their first round robin playoff of the final tournament on Friday night. Paul´s Paintin´ Place played Pharmasave in a hard fought game which ended with Paul´s Painting Place winning with a close score of 9 - 5.

The semi-finals were very exciting.  The first place team, Insta Glass, played the 4th place team, Deluxe Landscaping.  Insta Glass won with only a 5 point lead.  What a great effort by the Deluxe team!   The second place team, Paul´s Paintin´ Place, played the third place team, Pharmasave.  Both teams played in earnest but in the end, Pharmasave came out on top.

On Sunday, it was the Finals.  The two teams left to battle it out for 1st place were Insta Glass and Pharmasave.  It was an extremely nerve racking game.  There was lots of cheering from parents and other teams as the game battled on through all six innings with the final outcome being Pharmasave taking the lead with a score of 20 - 6.  

In the 13 to 15 year old mixed boys and girls Peewee Division final, a close battle was fought between Coast Reporter and Pepper Creek Pizza.  Tied with two innings left, Bradley Kohuch and Stephanie Lawson were locked into a pitcher´s duel.  In the end, Coast Reporter´s hard hitting line up was too strong as they came away with a 25 - 16 victory.  In the third place game, BA Blacktop out lasted the league champions, Gibson´s Building Supplies, with a hard fought 15 - 14 victory.  The Peewee Division playoffs ended as the year had begun with close fought battles involved right to the end.  

In the 16-18 year old mixed boys and girls Bantam Division, Sechelt Plumbing and 101 Contracting played six overtime innings, until 101 edged out the win in the 13th inning, helping them advance into the semi-finals. Sechelt Plumbing and PawPrint also played into overtime, with PawPrint hammering out the win in the eighth inning, and setting them on their way to their 3rd place finish overall. In another nail biting game, Lucys and PawPrint finished the sixth inning with just two minutes remaining before the time limit expired, allowing the game to go into a seventh inning. Pawprint rallied in the top of the seventh and managed to hold Lucys off, cinching their birth in the finals.  
The Bantam finals were exciting, with some of the closest and lowest scoring games of the season. Both final games were decided in the bottom of the seventh inning by a margin of one run. Battling for first place were the Inlet Raiders and Popeye´s Lockers and Storage. The Inlet Raiders were down by 2 runs coming up to their last bats.  Lead off hitter Jodi Dennis got on base, followed by Callum Vaughn, who hit a stand-up double. Rhys Amber, who played an outstanding game, hit his first homerun of the year, tying the game and sliding safe into home, cinching a 6-5 win and a first place finish for the Inlet Raiders. Popeye´s finished second overall in the tournament.
To determine third place, PawPrint and 101 Contracting played a nail biter. First Baseman Sheryle Quinn started off the bottom of the 7th at bat for PawPrint, getting a stand-up double and a steal on third. Kyle Trousdell who won one of the game MVP awards knocked the ball over 2nd base to bring in the run for a 5-4 win.  PawPrint finished third and 101 fourth in the tournament.
This is the thrill of the Tournament.  You never know what the outcome will be.  The underdogs have been known to come up shining.  Congratulations to all of the teams for a super softball fastpitch  season!  It is such a tremendous feeling for the coaches and young athletes to see how far everyone comes during the season.  They really showcase their talents at the tournament and they should all be extremely proud of themselves.

Until next ball season, keep those arms loose and have a wonderful summer.  See you all again in the Spring and a big thanks to the Coast Reporter for keeping everyone updated on our yearly standings!

Squirt Division Tournament
1st Pharmasave
2nd Insta Glass
3rd Paul´s Paintin´ Place

PeeWee Division Tournament
1st Coast Reporter
2nd Pepper Creek Pizza
3rd BA Blacktop

Bantam Division Tournament
1st Inlet Raiders
2nd Popeye´s Lockers and Storage
3rd PawPrint

League Awards - Individual Teams

Squirt Division

Insta Glass - coach George Hopkins & Colleen Vaughn
Most Improved Player - Taylor Munson
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Haydie Goebel
Most Inspiration Player - Brennen Mayers
Hung Sung Hero - Hayley Steele

Deluxe Landscaping - coach Sharon Anderchek & Glenn Dubois
Most Improved Player - Alyssa Lizee
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Ayla Allan
Most Inspirational Player - Lakota Joe
Unsung Hero - Zack Phillips

Pauls Paintin´ Place - coach Paul Morris & Tony Watts
Most Improved Player - Slade Watts
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Jordie Fawcett
Most Inspirational Player - Blake Pearson
Unsung Hero - Robyn Lawson

Pharmasve - coach Lynn Wilson & Richard Eaton
Most Improved Player - Jenna Endress
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Dylan Eaton
Most Inspirational Player - Jordan Wilson
Unsung Hero - Sydney & Morgan Downie (twins)

PeeWee Divison

Gibsons Building Supply - coach Mark Holm & Anita Flay
Most Improved Player - Sieani Doobay
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Janie Schwingenschlogel
Most Inspirational Player - Chelsea Holm
Unsung Hero - Michelle James Akin

Coast Reporter - coach Mike Yarrow & Shawn Casey
Most Improved Player - Rachel Lawrence
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Brad Kohuck
Most Inspirational Player - Cody August
Unsung Hero - Mary Casey

Peppercrek Pizza - coach Murray Smith & Jackie Lawson
Most Improved Player - Shayla Williams
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Brody Flatt
Most Inspirational Player - Angus Marshall
Unsung Hero - Stephanie Lawson

BA Blacktop - coach Bari McDonell & Sherry Robinson
Most Improved Player - Dustin Baldock
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Shelbi McDonell
Most Inspirational Player - Gabe Cayer
Unsung Hero - Courtney Brown

Bantam Division

Sechelt Plumbing - coach Dave Patton & Dave McLennan
Most Improved Player - Keifer Tucker
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Latiesha Falez
Most Inspirational Player - Cassandra Martel
Unsung Hero - Laura Mae Tucker

Popeye´s Lockers and Storage - coach Jackie Lawson & Daren Kohuch
Most Improved Player - Lindsay Rowland
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Chelsea Lawson
Most Inspirational Player - Brandon Kohuch
Unsung Hero - Mike Gray

101 Contracting - coach Mike Holm & Ray Graham
Most Improved Player - Corey Bergnach
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Emily Klein
Most Inspirational Player - Brittney DeRoy
Unsung Hero - Kendra Graham

PawPrint - coached Sid Quinn & Bill Trousdale
Most Improved Player - Terrance Tang
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Sheryle Quinn
Most Inspirational Player - Skylar Sita
Unsung Hero - Megan Trousdell

Inlet Raiders - coach Tim Hayward and Colleen Vaughn
Most Improved Player - Alex Pluschke
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Jody Dennis
Most Inspirational Player - Kelsey Vaughn
Unsung Hero - Danny LaVale

Lucy´s - coach Bruce Randall & Brock Mercer
Most Improved Player - Jason Gordon
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Herb Browning
Most Inspirational Player - Isabelle Boese
Unsung Hero - Sara Bradshaw

Overall League Awards
Squirt Division
1st Insta Glass
2nd Paintin´ Place
3rd Pharmasave

PeeWee Divison
1st Gibsons Building Supply
2nd Peppercreek Pizza
3rd Coast Reporter

Bantam Division
1st Inlet Raiders
2nd Sechelt Plumbing
3rd Popeye´s Lockers and Storage

Overall League Player Awards

Most Inspirational Player Overall - chosen by all the Coaches
Squirt Division - Jordan Wilson
PeeWee Division - Shelby McDonell
Bantam Division - Callum Vaughn

Most Sportsmanlike Player Overall - chosen by Umpires & Coaches
Squirt Division - Brennen Mayers
PeeWee Division - Sarah Duffy
Bantam Division - Chelsea Lawson

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