Sechelt Minor Softball

girls and boys ages 5-19

April 30th, 2007
April 30th, 2007

Co-ed youth fast-pitch league; a diamond in the rough

Sechelt Minor Softball has begun another season on the Sunshine Coast. This unique league has been in operation on the Sunshine Coast for many years.  While there are other co-ed orthodox-pitch softball programs in BC, this may well be the only mixed fast-pitch league currently in operation. Players range in age from 5 to 18. While registration is open to all areas of the Sunshine Coast, and there have been players from Pender Harbour, registrar Ann Hayward reports that, with games centered in Sechlet, most of the players live from Roberts Creek to Half-moon Bay.

Sechelt Minor Softball hosted softball camps in 2005 and 2006, and Board Member Michelle Porter confirms that they will be hosting the third annual Mike Renney clinic this year, May 4 - 6, 2007. Coach Renney has led the Canadian National Women´s team; Team Canada; Canadian Olympic Team; and Simon Fraser University Women´s team to many victories. Porter is pleased to report that many of the SFU Clan Women´s Softball team, with ten national championship appearances over the past 12 years, will also participate in this annual event.

Board member Nancy Zogas, who manages sponsorships for Sechlet Minor Softball, notes that with the amazing support of Sunshine Coast businesses, participant registrations fees for the Renney clinic have been reduced by up to 75%.  Zogas points out that, while space is limited, this clinic may also be of interest to hardball players, as many of the basic skills are similar. Vice President Sid Quinn, instrumental in the creation and management of the Association website, recommends that anyone interested in the Renney clinic, or other Sechelt Minor Softball news, check the website: Association president Tim Hayward confirms Zogas´s claim regarding the Renney clinic registration fee subsidy, both because of her hard working efforts to secure sponsor support, and because of the extraordinary general fund raising contributions of Association treasurer Linda Hamilton, which should enable the Association to cover any shortfalls that may occur.

As of April 21 three of the six Bantam teams were running head to head in a first place tie in what promises to be a competitive season. Coach Colleen Vaughn, a former competitive fast-pitch player herself, reports that the level of play is quite high, and makes for some entertaining ball, with the number of spectators increasing as the weather improves. The District of Sechelt has created two new fields at Kinninick Park, and there is competitive and fast-paced fast-pitch softball at the Kinnickinic and Hackett Park fields most weeknights.  

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