Sechelt Minor Softball

girls and boys ages 5-19

May 12th, 2006
May 12th, 2006

SFU Women´s Clan Fastpitch Team and their coach Mike Renney hold a Softball Clinic in Sechelt

The Sechelt Minor Softball Association would like thank all the sponsors for assisting us in bringing the Canadian National Women´s fastpitch team from Simon Fraser University along with their coach, Mike Renney to the Sunshine Coast to put on a baseball Clinic.  Those sponsors included:  

Burchill´s B&B
Construction Aggregates
Regional Power
Sechelt Nation
Signal Systems
Sunshine Coast Girls Softball
Target Marine
Air Span Helicopters
Sechelt Creek Contracting
Shuyla Logging
Howe Sound Pulp & Paper
Sunshine Coast Credit Union
MarketPlace IGA Wilson Creek
Big Macs
Insta Glass
Sea Tech Fishing
Pacific Wings Airlines
London Drugs

On Thursday May 4th, the SFU Women´s Clan Fastpitch team and head coach Mike Renney started off the weekend Softball Clinic by putting on a practise demostration at Hackett Park. Watching these athletes was a learning experience in itself, and also seeing how intense they work to maintain their high level of play.

On Friday, the 3 hour pitching clinic began at Kinnikinnick Elementary School. We had 35 pitchers register for this part of the clinic which was made up of players from the entire Sunshine Coast. The pitchers learned drills on how to properly grip the ball, wrist snap, pitching stance, Arm Action, Stride, Check Point, Release and follow-through. The breakdown of the mechanics was very well taught. A few of the advanced pitchers were taught the backdoor change-up, fastball, drop ball, riser, screwball, and curve. The night ended with a demonstration from one of the SFU Pitchers throwing some heat in the gymnasium.

On Saturday and Sunday we had over 40 players register for 6 hours of instruction each day.  Unfortunately both days began with rain in the morning but that didn´t dampen the enthusiam of the participants or instructors. Mike´s timing was good, because after the coaches clinic wrapped up each day he was out in the sunny afternoon with the kids.

The SFU instructors started by giving the partipants proper warm-up drills before using various drills to teach proper techniques and forms for batting, bunting, throwing, catching, base running, reaction timing, outfield throws to the infield, and positional play. The participants all had their skills tested for hitting, throwing and running. It was a lot of fun for our young athletes and there were some fun games that created a lot of laughter. You didn´t necesarily want to be the one wondering if you were getting a hard or soft boiled egg broken over your head, or running around the field saying "we are Canada, quack..quack...quack" and flapping your arms or squirming like a worm because you lost a throwing relay, neverless everyone was a good sport.

The local coaches had 3 hours of instruction each day with Mike Renney in the gym; he used a couple of his athletes for each session depending on the drills. He has a wealth of knowledge that he shared with the coaches. This will help us to keep our young athletes motivated and enthusiastic about the game. He also reminded us that the most important thing was to ensure the kids have fun and that the influence that we have as coaches on their lives will be a huge benefit in the years to come.  

Lastly, we hope to make this an annual event and want to thank all: the SFU Team, Coach, Sponsors and Parents for helping to make this a huge success for our young athletes on the Sunshine Coast.  

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SFU Fastpictch Clinic
SFU Fastpictch Clinic

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